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Hydrus Engineering S.A. is a global engineering firm delivering technologies and services in the maritime and energy industries.

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Our vision is to render Hydrus into the preferred outstanding engineering firm constantly driven by a commitment to excellent client satisfaction and by a quest for iconic projects. We aim at ensuring Engineering Excellence for an international clientele. We have achieved this by offering safe, fully featured, reliable, efficient, and effective services of the highest quality through:

  • Continuously assessing and improving our management system by applying the highest industry standards and best practices
  • Engaging a community of proficient, professional and inspired employees who are accommodated in a satisfying working environment, share our values, and enjoy respect and recognition of their efforts
  • Investing in integrating and developing innovative technologies, collaborations, and services, extending thus our portfolio of services, our collective knowledge, and our experience;
Hydrus Shipping Vision


Hydrus Engineering S.A. was founded in December 2009 and has grown and expanded over the years, achieving a leading status through delivering a large number and a wide range of engineering solutions and services worldwide covering different areas of application within the maritime and energy industries.


The company is structured in different departments, thus allowing efficient handling of a vast range of bespoke and complex services. Having developed strong affiliations allowed the Company to expand its presence worldwide through its offices in Limassol, Cyprus and Shanghai, P.R. of China:

Hydrus Engineering S.A.

in Athens/Greece
106 employees (various disciplines)
3 main divisions:

  • new building
  • technical
  • marine

Hydrus (East Operations)

Coordination Desk
in Shanghai / P.R. China
123 surveyors (various disciplines)
2 main divisions:

  • new building
  • marine

Hydrus Global Services (affiliated)

Business Development Center
in Limassol / Cyprus
5 employees (various disciplines)
3 departments:

  • project management
  • operations
  • finance & administration
Hydrus Global Services
Hydrus Global


  • New Building Projects
  • Technical Studies
  • Marine Surveys and Supervision
  • Energy Management Services
Hydrus Services

New Building Projects

New building projects have been the backbone of Hydrus services throughout the last 10 years, establishing Hydrus as one of the leading firms in this field. They have inspired the engineering excellence required to structure all other services Hydrus has launched over the years.

Hydrus’ accumulated experience through consistent and successful involvement in the ship building industry has resulted in services of high quality and expertise that consisting of complete solutions for all stages of a new building project:

  • project management
  • design evaluation and benchmarking
  • shipyard appraisal
  • contract specification review and negotiations
  • manufacturer appraisal and selection
  • plan approval prior to construction
  • supervision during construction
  • shop tests and sea trials attendance
  • guarantee claims handling

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Hydrus Bulk Carriers Project

Bulk Carriers
79 vessels
5.0 million DWT

Hydrus Tanker Project

109 vessels
17.0 million DWT

Hydrus Container Project

Container Carriers
46 vessels
238 thousand TEU

Hydrus LPG / LNG Project

LPG / LNG Carriers
28 vessels
2.3 million m3

Technical Studies

Hydrus has the capacity to deliver solid technological, engineering, and project management expertise across marine and energy facilities for a wide range of needs including:

  • Ship Design

      Each bespoke design project is developed through the logical design spiral covering the full range of naval architecture and marine engineering disciplines using the following design packs:

    • Concept Design
    • Contract Design
    • Basic Design
    • Detailed Design
    • Production Design
  • Conversions, Repairs and Retrofits

      Each project brings along a unique engineering challenge that requires efficient project management through the different phases:

    • Design Requirements
    • Techno-Economic Study
    • 3D Laser Scanning / Reverse Engineering
    • Feasibility Study
    • Basic Design
    • Detailed Design
    • Production Design
    • Specification / Material Take-off Lists

Ballast Water
Treatment Systems [BWTS]


Typical examples of other conversions, repair or retrofit engineering projects refer to the installations of equipment or systems (such as nitrogen generators, boilers, CO2 firefighting systems, cargo space mechanical ventilation, emergency towing systems, cargo handling cranes, cargo loading manifolds, cargo tank heating coils, and others).

Exhaust Gas
Cleaning Systems [EGCS]


Engineering Solutions
Typical engineering solutions offered can be summarized as follows:

  • Structural Assessments
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Concept Assessments
  • CFD studies and simulation

Repair Studies


The Company also offers the possibility for the supervision of conversion, repair, and retrofit works through its global network of experienced surveyors. Over the last year the Company managed to efficiently handle through its affiliated Hydrus East Ltd. (Shanghai Office) the following:

Marine Surveys and Supervision

Field Surveys:
Utilizing the technical expertise and vast experience gained over years of managing complex engineering projects, Hydrus surveyors offer quality, efficiency, integrity, and a solid technical background suitable for a wide range of field surveys globally:

  • Pre-Purchase surveys
  • Damage assessment surveys
  • Condition surveys (hull & machinery)
  • Lay-up & reactivation surveys
  • Repair surveys
  • Maintenance surveys
  • Intermediate audits and surveys
  • Flag surveys (Marshall Islands / Antigua & Barbuda)
  • Appraisals for financing institutions and underwriters
  • Third-party audits
  • (Pre-) delivery surveys
  • (Pre-) docking surveys
  • Energy audits

Dry – Docking and Repairs:
Having established presence over the globe through Hydrus offices in Athens, Shanghai and Limassol and by utilizing the accumulated experience gained over the years, Hydrus surveyors are in a position to promptly and effectively attend any dry-docking or repair.

Custom Remote Surveys:
Offering a safe balance between proven engineering techniques and innovative state-of-the-art tools, Hydrus is in a position to maintain a solid position in the forefront of niche market services, such as custom remote surveys by utilizing, 3D tools, Virtual & Augmented Reality (VR/AR) Solutions

Since 2020, we have efficiently handled:

280+ Dry-Docking Attendances

170+ Technical/Condition Inspections

100+ Pre-purchase Surveys

Over the last year, Hydrus surveyors have provided services to our clients in more than 85 shipyards and in more than 100 ports around the word.

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Energy Management Services

Focusing on the impact of maritime transport on the global climate change, our energy and innovation department, acting as a separate entity since 2022 under the brand name enisolv, is providing bespoke tools and solutions on energy management covering a wide range of applications such as:

  • Fuel Oil Consumption
  • Machinery Performance
  • Hull Condition
  • Enviro / Emissions Performance
  • EEXI calculation and benchmarking
  • Rightship Rating Assesssment
  • Cargo Heating Optimization
  • Key Performance Indicators / Trendlines
  • Energy Audits
  • Training

Elemed involved three EU member states -Cyprus, Greece and Slovenia- forming a strong consortium, comprised by a team of experts, from the marine, engineering and academic sector. Elemed prepared the ground for the introduction of cold ironing, electric bunkering and hybrid ships across the Eastern Mediterranean Sea corridor. Elemed aimed at studying all technical, regulatory, safety and financial issues related to the shore produced electricity and electric propulsion for vessels in Eastern Mediterranean region.

CYnergy provided a holistic approach towards the adoption of Natural Gas (NG) in Cyprus and the development of a sustainable and fully functional NG market for clean and affordable energy to the end user. The project, which was co-financed by the EU, was a collaboration of energy, transport and finance experts as well as private, public, and governmental institutions of Cyprus and Greece.

After a successful evaluation during the last few months actions ALFION and EALING started implementation thus expanding and strengthening the presence of Hydrus in the area of port electrification and energy upgrade.


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